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Student Life

Our primary purpose is to help students be successful. We want our students to leave campus with a strong foundation of knowledge and skill for their future.

  • Active classroom discussions, brainstorming of solutions to keep the classroom atmosphere lively and encourage participation.
  • Regular weekly exams to assess the students.
  • Demonstration of videos to further deepen the understanding of concepts.
  • Individual attention to each of the students by assigning them to mentors and monitoring their progress.
  • Extensive study hours to improve the weak students academically.
  • Discussion of tips and tricks for competitive exams by both internal and external faculty.
  • Feedback mechanism to auto correct the discrepancies in the teaching, if any.
  • Regular motivational and academic sessions for staff to keep their passion high.
  • Personality development and motivational sessions for students.
  • Encourage children to participate in sports and cultural activities both in our college and other colleges.
  • Annual picnic and educational tours for the students to give them a change of atmosphere.

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life

Extra-Curricular Activities


Amidst the many challenges that surfaced during the pandemic, our college has seen a positive change and increased its research efforts. We have conducted many events in order to boost the talents of our students.

Community services is a part of learning process and an integral part of exposure to the society. In order to deliver selfless services NSS camps are organised for the students where they get the opportunities to provide their best services to public. NSS candidates who participate in these activities are awarded with certificates.

Sports and Fitness

Our students are always encouraged to participate in various competitions held at district, state and national levels. They have proudly exhibited their talents and have brought pleasing laurels to our institution.